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Notion for Home Renovation and DIY Projects

Learning DIY skills and carrying out home renovation projects has piqued my interest in the last few months. Perhaps it’s from all of the TikTok videos I watch of people remodelling and renovating their houses. So to get in the mindset, I have decided to use Notion for home renovation and DIY projects by building a new dashboard. This will be great to track my home renovation projects, their progress and any related costs.

When it comes to planning, creating content and managing tasks, Notion is hands down my favourite tool to use.

If you have not come across Notion before, it is a versatile, multi-platform, all-in-one workspace that allows you to manage notes, projects, tasks, wikis, information and much more.

The Notion system is very flexible, allowing you to easily design workspaces in a way that works for you rather than you being forced into a specific system.

Notion is a great tool for creating an all in one workspace to manage tasks, projects and more
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The best part? It’s free to use with unlimited pages and blocks across multiple devices.

Notion for Home Renovation

Notion for home renovation and remodelling projects. A single dashboard and workspace to keep track of all your diy projects.

The following sections will cover a few key areas within Notion for Home Renovation and DIY Dashboard that I have created. If you are interested in getting a copy of the template, you can grab your own copy of the dashboard from my Gumroad page. If you use home_hub_notion at checkout, you will get 10% off the total price.

Get The Notion Home Renovation Template

Managing Home Renovation Projects

The main aspect and focus of the Notion Home Renovation dashboard is the ability to manage projects. Within my Notion dashboard, I have created multiple views of the projects database. This allows me to check on projects that are in progress, in planning, up next and completed. Each view has slightly different properties on show.

For example, when projects are in the planning stage there is very little info needed for quick access.

Project gallery view of the Notion Home Renovation dashboard.

But when a project is in progress, we can see how much the project is progressing, and it’s associated budget.

Project gallery view of the Notion Home Renovation dashboard showing active projects

When we look into each project, there are numerous properties, relations to other databases and calculated properties. This allows me to keep track of various things, including:

  • When the project started
  • The current progress of the project
  • The number of related active and completed tasks
  • Whether the project is on, under or over budget
View of a home renovation project within the Notion dashboard.
Get The Notion Home Renovation Template

Keep On Top of Budgets

If you don’t keep track of what you are spending, renovation projects can very quickly spiral out of control. This is why within each project, there is space to put in an expected budget. This gives you an initial indication of how much money to save towards the project.

From the expected budget, any costs that have accumulated so far will be deducted. This gives you an indication of how much money you have left.

Close up of budgets within the projects section of the home renovation dashboard.

The materials and services database within the dashboard provides a nice place to keep track of target and actual costs. The actual costs are then rolled up into the project view above.

Materials and Services database within the Notion dashboard for home renovation.

Keep On Top of Tasks

Tasks form the fundamental building blocks of a project. To progress a project, it is wise to split it up into smaller and more manageable pieces. Within the Notion home renovation planner, tasks can be linked up with a project. This is done through relational links with the other databases. Rollups then provide a summary of incomplete and completed tasks in the project view.

Task manager within the notion home renovation planner.

Gather and Manage Resources

As I am in the process of learning and trying to develop my DIY skills, I thought it would be great to capture interesting articles and videos on home renovation for use in future projects. The great thing about Notion is it comes with a web clipper extension for your browser. This allows you to capture a webpage or a video and send it straight to the resources database.

If you find a really good article, you can set it as a favourite. This will allow it display on the home page of the dashboard for quick access at a later date.

Manage Contractors and Suppliers

The Contractors and Suppliers database provides a place to keep track of past, present and future contractors and material suppliers. This is very useful if you have used someone in the past and you were blown away by their skills that you want to hire them again for a future project.

As the databases are interlinked, you can easily add contractors or suppliers direct to your home renovation project.

Capture Inspiration for Future Home Renovation Projects

Often when browsing the internet you may come across a picture or idea that you like. With the Notion Web Clipper tool extension, you can quickly capture that image and store it in Notion. Once you have done that you can then get on with the rest of your day.

Later on, you can come back to the captured images and relate them to a project you have in mind. Great if you are not sure what style or features you want in your renovation project.

Get Your Copy of the Notion For Home Renovation Dashboard

If you are interested in the Notion for Home Renovation and DIY dashboard and don’t want to build it yourself from scratch, then you can grab a copy of this template at the link below.

Be sure to check out my other Notion templates such as the Academic Research Hub.

All my templates can be found on the Notion Templates page.

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