Notion Templates

Organise your life, study and work with the power of Notion

I have been using Notion daily for the past two years for managing my tasks, managing projects and for planning content for Medium and YouTube. I have tried a number of setups in that time, but only recently started to design my own systems.

If you have not come across Notion before, it is a versatile multi-platform all-in-one workspace that allows you to manage notes, projects, tasks, wikis, information and much more.

Due Notion’s versatile nature, I have built a number of templates for various projects and purposes. All of which are shown below.

Check them out below if you want to find out more.

Notion Academic Research Hub

Student Planner Hub

The Student Hub is the ultimate Notion dashboard for students looking to stay organized, boost productivity, and succeed in their academic studies. The dashboard contains databases and Notion pages to keep track of your assignments, exams, courses and your daily thoughts.

Home Renovation & DIY Planner

Simplify your home renovation process and make your creative vision a reality with the Home Renovation Notion Dashboard. Manage, plan and stay on top of your home renovation projects to ensure they are completed to the initial vision you had. 

Data Science Hub

The Data Science Hub is the tool that you need for managing all of your data science projects, learning and general notes. Having all of this within a single place will save you from frequent app switching, thereby allowing you to maintain your focus on what is important.

Academic Research Hub

Are you an academic, PhD Student, college student or a researcher who loves using Notion? Are you looking for a dashboard to manage your academic research literature and research projects? If so, the Academic Research Hub is for you.

Online Course Creator Hub

Are you someone who loves sharing your knowledge through online courses? Do you also enjoy using Notion for planning but don’t have a system in place to develop and manage your courses properly? If so, the Online Course Creator Hub is for you.

The Online Course Creator Hub provides you with an all in one Notion Dashboard for planning and managing online courses. It allows you to take a course from the concept stage all the way through to regular reviews once it has been published.

Notion Agile Dashboard

The Notion Agile Dashboard helps you build a better and more robust product faster compared to traditional waterfall methods. With clear visibility of your team’s progress and deadlines, this agile dashboard makes it easy to design and deliver high quality software products on time. This Notion-based Dashboard provides you with all the tools to achieve this and takes you from the initial ideation and scoping phase right through to theme, epic and sprint planning. Reduce risk through each iteration and fast feedback loops to delight your customers and stakeholders.

Lean Canvas Model

The Lean Canvas Model can be used to develop new business ideas, products or add features to existing software products and is based upon the Business Model Canvas.

There are a number of ways you can work through the canvas, however, it is recommended to start with identifying your target customer. once you have identified your potential customers, you can then begin to identify their pain points and find solutions to those problems. From this you can carry on and develop your idea.