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Improve your research output by managing the input with Notion

The Academic Research Hub is an all in one Notion dashboard that allows you to seamlessly manage your research projects, academic references, thoughts and more within a single workspace

The Benefits

Connect Your Thoughts

Quickly capture your thoughts and ideas so that you can easily make new connections and progress your research

Save Time

No more switching between multiple apps to find your research notes and reference material

Keep Updated

Never miss a deadline by keeping track of upcoming conferences, submission deadlines and research article progress.

The Features

Powerful Dashboard

Keep track of your current and future research projects within a single dashboard.

Quickly capture new research ideas so that they can be fleshed out later into full research projects.

Academic Research Hub Notion Template for PhD Students and Academics

Interlinked Databases

Multiple linked databases allow you to connect your research with source articles, upcoming conferences and publications that you are considering submitting to.

Easily and quickly see related notes and ideas that can help you expand your research article.


Store Relevant Information

Published articles contain a large amount of metadata. This is often useful if you need to cite the article later in your research or see what other articles the author has published.

Once articles have been read, you can easily store a summary and key conclusions to save you having to re-read the article from scratch.


Capture and Store Figures

Pictures tell a 1,000 words is a phrase that is commonly used.

Using the Reference Figures and Tables database you can quickly store interesting figures or large tables of values for fast retrieval later on.

You will always know where a figure has originated from.

Speed Up Your Workflows with Predesigned Templates

When capturing information from published research it can be hard to know what to extract from it.

The New Article template allows you to capture the things that matter. Including the aims, methods and key results from the article. 

Once you have these, you can then create a short summary of the paper for future reference, which saves you from having to read it from scratch.


Want to see it in action?

If you want to have a closer look at the Academic Research Hub and see it in action, then check out this excellent review by Chris J Wilson.


Most frequent questions and answers

After you have purchased this template you will be given access to the template to duplicate into your own workspace.

Yes. It will! Once you have purchased the template you can duplicate the template into your own Notion workspace

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