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I help geoscience professionals become familiar with data science, AI, Machine Learning and Python

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About Andy McDonald

I am a petrophysicist (a special type of geoscientist) who enjoys exploring the world of Python development, data science and machine learning, and bringing that knowledge into the geoscience domain and applying it to domain-specific problems.

Since 2020 I have been sharing numerous articles on how python and machine learning can be applied to the geoscience domain. In 2021 I launched my official YouTube channel as a way to share knowledge with a wider audience.

Feel free to check out my projects, blog posts and explore the website. If you want to get in touch you can send a message via one of my social media channels or directly via email.

Latest YouTube Content

Since 2021, I have been running my YouTube channel that explores various topics in applying Python to geoscience and petrophysical applications. Check out my latest videos below, and if you enjoy the content, consider subscribing to be kept updated when new videos are released.