Public Datasets for Geoscience and Petrophysical Machine Learning

Many years ago, it used to be the case that well log data was locked up on servers within the oil and gas companies and access was restricted to only a handful of people. It is only in recent years that vast amounts of well log and field data has become publicly available. The following list is a compilation of websites where you can freely download well data.

Click on the links to access the data repositories.

If you know of any datasets I have missed leave a comment down below and I will update this post.

UK National Data Repository (requires sign up)
The UK NDR contains large amounts of well log data for the UK Continental Shelf. Data sets can vary and include raw logging data, processed data, image logs, core data (RCA & SCAL), detailed reports, plus much more. The UK NDR does requires you to create a free account

Oil and Gas Authority Open Data (UK)
The OGA’s open data for the UK Continental Shelf is open and available to anyone. You can find information out about production, geological maps, well locations, well headers etc.

Volve Field
A complete dataset from the Volve Field in the Norwegian North Sea. The entire dataset was released by Equinor (formerly Statoil) in 2018 to allow research and study. This dataset contains a wide range of data from seismic to core and well logs. All wells contain complete Petrophysical analysis.

Society for Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Wiki Open Data
The SEG Wiki contains a wealth of links to Geophysical datasets that can be readily downloaded directly or by request.

NLOG – Dutch Oil and Gas Portal
Contains a mixture of borehole log data, seismic data and production data. Can be difficult to find what you are looking for

XEEK – Force Machine Learning to Predict Lithology
Data for 90+ wells from the Norwegian North Sea. Data contains a wide range of log data, data issues and lithology

National Offshore Petroleum Information Management System (NOPIMS)
Large well log data sets for offshore Australia. Data sets include well logs and core data.

Kansas Geological Survey
Data provided includes core images, wireline logs (LAS files), tops and other associated well data.

Porosity, Permeability, Rock Type Core Data from 1240 Norwegian Wells
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, at the end of 2018, released core measurement data for 1240 wells. Attempts have been made to make meaningful rock type descriptions, however, this work appears incomplete.

Groningen Gas Field Petrel Geological Model
Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has developed and released a geological model for the Groningen Gas Field in the Netherlands. The model was developed in Petrel 2018, and contains RESCUE 3D grid data which can be read by many open source software packages.

Data Underground
A large online source for subsurface datasets including well log data and seismic data. The origin of the data has a global reach from the USA to Australia.

International Ocean Drilling Program
The JRSO database contains varying well log data (logs, core, advanced core analysis) acquired from scientific research missions.

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